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Unlock yourself within your workspace and your personal potential

Consulting with Felicia Lategan

  Ignite | Elevate | Initiate  

Hello, I'm Felicia

Communications | Public Relations 

Customer Care | Motivation | Author

Within the world of communication and positioning yourself amongst the voices of various social media platforms, and nowadays AI (Artificial Intelligence), there seems to be less human interaction. These mediums of connection, exposure and content creation are all adding tremendous value to how we position ourselves in a world of effective communication and prominent exposure to our stories. Having said that, many people are strangely disconnected in various ways. During Covid-19 many  died of loneliness and isolation, which leads me to believe in the value of human interaction as best we can. We should serve the world with face value and excellence whilst utilizing the platforms available to us.

With almost 20 years of experience, I am ever the optimist and excellent communicator. I consider myself to be a student of life and love teamwork in order to succeed collectively. I flourish being creative and witnessing the outcome thereof, especially when information leads to inspiration. I can be very serious when task driven to meet objectives.

I prefer to be one step ahead by proactive thinking. 


A writer at heart led to three published books, the fourth in concept phase. I am extremely grateful to be part of the YouVersion team in South Africa, writing motivational plans.


Content creation is part of my everyday flow of thought. Motivational connection and speaking are attributes I cherish. I’m not shy of cameras or microphones and love to do voice and video recordings. By keeping myself updated in the field of profession, I enjoy attending seminars, do a lot of reading and surf wildly on YouTube, thereby ensuring that my skills remain polished. I am also a proud member of SAFREA (The Southern African Freelancers' Association).


On a personal note: I have completed several workshops, a diploma and certificates with regards to my vocation. Life has taught me many skills that cannot all be verified by paperwork but action and character alone.

Having said all that, let's ignite your flame anew, elevate your potential and initiate the steps forward!

Felicia is a true hands on communicator. She assisted us with professional voice-overs that suited our marketing strategy.

- Jacques

Advertising Consultant

Consulting with Felicia proved to be insightful. I quickly realized how much I did not know. She was able to guide me with useful  pointers regarding social media for my small business. It looks great and is user friendly.

- Janine

Social Media Assistant

Felicia has been inspiring with her client service training. Not only did she guide with healthy and realistic tips, but also supported my emotional needs and understanding of what excellence really means. I have gained more insight.

- Church Hospitality Staff Member

I was overwhelmed with the amount of proofreading I had to do during the finalization of my first book manuscript. Felicia's eye for spelling errors, punctuation and grammar made me feel much more at ease. 

- Wikus

First time author

Social Media Guidelines

Proofreading, Translation and Editing

Excellence in Customer Care

Keys to your focus

"Words are containers. They carry weight and meaning in various forms".

Giving a Speech

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Client Requirements

"Words are one dimensional. We can't just say something. We need to show it.

Engage in the senses, create an experience. Experiences communicate more than words can.

Great communicators breathe life into words, give words a heartbeat

where they can live inside of people".

- From the Book: Outspoken

Your opinion matters!

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

This way I'll stay informed

and remain a

student of life.

Thank you for empowering me!

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